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MIAMI :Hurricane Boris Reported in Pacific Far Off Mexico
MIAMI -- Forecasters say a tropical storm in the Pacific is now a hurricane over the ocean far to the west of Mexico.

Attack in DR Congo's gorilla park
Two people have been killed and three injured in an attack in a park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a United Nations-backed radio station says.

LOS ANGELES :Southland Braces for Thunderstorms

Monsoonal moisture streaming into Southern California will produce a chance of thunderstorms today, mostly in the mountains and inland areas.

Hurricane Bill

 The remnants of Hurricane Bill moved out into the Atlantic, forecasters said Monday, a day after the storm's powerful winds churned up waves that were blamed in the deaths of at least two people on the East Coast

Environmental threats
Greek philosophers commenced theorizing about the nature as composed of elements like water, earth, ether etc.

Global Warming Unleash More Seismic Activity
At first glance, there doesn't seem like there could be any connection between global warming and seismic activity. After all, why would the earth become less stable just because it's a little warmer?

Is Global Warming caused by greenhouse gases or by the Sun?
Most scientists believe that the current global warming is caused by man-made emissions of greenhouse gases and that the most important of these gases is Carbon Dioxide or CO2.

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