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Come to share our growth:

Let us share some valuable information about the portal of http://www.laisrael.net/:

Ariel group serves the means of bringing the Jewish community closer in one site.

This site provides information regarding several aspects of life. Furthermore, it is based on the goal of connecting people, who sustain thousands of surfers, on a daily basis by the most professional manner.

LAIsrael is known as the ultimate site that recognizes and exposes new ideas of the Internet media. Moreover, it is the sole site, which enhances the capacity of network marketing in Los Angeles, and specializes in echo communication.

The Internet site offers its surfers a collection of communication methods such as:

News- worldwide


Virtual stores


Fun & Hobbies


Jewish Life


Yellow pages of Israelis business (coming soon)

Possibility to send Israeli lotto, totto and winner
LAIsrael also offers television and radio programs- all for free.

The purpose of the website is to connect, and strengthen the connection between the Israeli and the Jewish community all over the world. It is done by sharing information in all life skills and also by creating of Israeli business yellow pages in L.A.

The technique - in light of the increase in Internet advertisement, we find the Israeli website necessary for the community and in order to increase the Israeli business.

It is indisputable that advertising on the Internet accomplishes better results when it is spread over longer periods of time and by being exposed to more people. We find it necessary to have a minimum of 3 months of running advertisement.

We are currently in the process of having the website leading the communication between people. Existing technologies are being improved, through specialized advertising by personal cards. This serves a unique tool to divide the demographics of the Internet survey.

Methods of advertisement:

  1. Advertisement in the Yellow Pages image articles about the business, exhibitions of the service by photos for demonstration, which are located in the L.A. business section.

The main advantage of image articles is embodied in the unlimited description of the products service. Our advertisers offer this, in order to create trust and first knowledge with thousands of our surfers.

  1. Direct link to your site in our home page posing a banner in the home page and in the relevant categorys that is connected to your home page.

The advantage of this advertisement having the thousands of our surfers exposed to your add throughout their surfing in our site.


LaIsrael develops the possibility of setting up a web site as an integral part of our site under the URL address www.laisrael.net/xxxx

Moreover, the editorial board sends updates, about the webs accomplishments, to all of our members once a month. By doing so, we are able to offer your services as an integrated product of our site.

Free in two packages:

Our advertising department includes the most professional in the field who would be glad to assist you with any question, and help you choose substance, target and the best campaign for you.

LaIsrael presents the best offer of advertisement in the network for many aspects:

1. Satisfying our customers.

2. Funneling the advertisement

3. Effectiveness of advertisement and connectivity.

4. Low cost with high benefits.

5. Wide exposure

6. Broad campaign timeframe.

We specialize in matching every client with his/her correspondent advertisement package in relation to his field of action and in compliance with his/her budget.

Main advantages of publicizing on the website:

A daily acceptance of 2000 Israeli surfers from California, 60,000 Israeli surfers a month, who stand as an attractive audience.

The website works everyday on advertising among the Israeli audience, in several ways such as: advertisement in the written journalism, banners throughout Ventura Blvd located nearby Israeli entertaining places. The website stands as a sponsor to Israeli activity, parties on holidays, handing key holders (two sided- website address on one and prayer on the other) which are handed by our salespersons on attractive locations.

You may contact us, with no strings attached.

Dial (818) 231-1817

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