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Terms of Use



Terms of Use:

This document is written in male tense, but is directed to both sexes.

Dear surfer,

To your attention: the administration of the portal reserves the right to remove from the portal any announcement that is publicized and even discontinue your participation at the forums, without any warning and according to her sole judgment. You shall not have any complaints towards the portal’s administration in regards to these actions.

When registering to the forums, you may input certain data to the portal system, which may be irremovable. While filing the registration form, you agree that the detail enhanced in it will remain in the portal administration. LAISRAEL will do its best to preserve his surfers’ privacy, but there are factors that are beyond the portal’s control; therefore, the portal administration will hold no responsibility to such scenarios. There shall be no claims toward the administration in case that some information was exposed and was transmitted via the portal to other surfers, due to illegal invasion to the portal’s computers, or for any other probable reason.

The use of forums is in compliance with your agreement to conditions that were pre-determined by the administration. In case you wish to use the forums, you hereby declaring that you agree to all conditions and limitations as followed:

ü One shall not publicize any content which violates creative rights or one which encourages such violation such as: links to an illegal content (games, poems, movies and ect) or websites which include content such as explanations to invade programs and ect. Links under surfer’s authorization to a private website (DEMO, SHAREWARE, FREEWARE) and ect are allowed for spreading.

ü One may not publicize adds on pyramid games / multi-structural marketing.

ü One may not overload the forums. Overloading is an opening of several branches that relate to the same issue, whether they are opened in the same forum or in several different ones. [An add must be publicized on the related forum only]. Also, one shall not respond to exiting branches on the forum systematically, when the goal is to respond and not to contribute substantial content to the branch.

ü One may use proper language in the forum, even if other surfer used improper language to you. In such a case, one shall address the administrators of the forum by pressing-contact.

ü Prior writing in the forum (opening a new forum or responding to an existing one), it is mandatory to read the certain forum protocol in which one writes in. Failure to do so might result in erasing one’s add without any explanation.

ü In case you have been restricted from writing in a certain forum, please address the administrators of the forum and resolve the issue with them. In most cases, it is probable that you failed to meet the detailed conditions on this page. If after negotiating with the administrators, one may be convinced that justice lies with you and the administrators are wrong, you may address the portal administration via the contact option located at the head of the page. In any case, addresses will not be performed on the forum itself. In case you try to address on the forum itself, your message may be erased, and it is unlikely that one will be able to release the restriction.

ü One shall not publicize any offensive content, which contradicts the rules of the state of Israel.

ü One shall not attempt to create offenses over the laws of Israel.

ü In case your nickname is blocked from writing in the forum, you shall not register under a new nickname in order to continue writing in the forum- the new one will also be erased.

ü One shall not publicize any ads that relate to another surfer in the forum. You may address the surfer in a private message or via e- mail. In case these options are blocked, it means that he does not wish to be addressed. Please respect his will.

ü One must provide a relevant title to the publicized content inside the branch. Incorrect title may result in erasing the branch. Please avoid using titles as “help needed” or “enter fast”.

ü One shall not publicize at the forum’s branches issues that are not relevant to the forum (please verify with “director’s sayings” which is publicized in the forum).

ü Information security- one shall publicize any classified information (restricted or above); one shall not publicize any information that has been prohibited. If you do not know whether the information is eligible, please ask the forum’s directors via mail and they will verify the issue with the qualified persons. If there is a doubt- there will be no such- it will not be publicized.

ü LAISRAEL removes any responsibility from any information publicized on the portal. The responsibility lies with the publisher only.

ü All terms of use indicated above, and all statements that are indicated at “director’s sayings” are under probable changes without any preliminary notice. Further use in the forums stands as an agreement to the conditions publicized in them since date of use; it is up to the surfer’s responsibility to verify when/ if the terms have changed.

Best regards,



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