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Passions and Dream - Useless Without Actions

To be entrepreneur, whether full or part time, you need to have passion and dream. Your dream needs to be fed by your passion.
It is your passion that will hold you to your dream. Then you need to have friends, relatives, or people around you that you can share your dreams with. Be around especially with people that have enormous energy level. That kind of energy level that is positive and can propel you. If you be around people that have energy below you, you can be dragged down. So, it is advisable to give yourself a dose of energy by joining clubs, conference, seminars and events and meet people that can energize you
Once you are clear with what you want, know your path to wealth, you need to take action. It is only taking actions that we can learn and internalise what we learn and gain. For example, when we reach our 40s, we have lots of responsibilities and commitments. We have bills to pay, mouths to feed and many more. As a result, we develop fear of failure. We continue be an employee, get monthly pay cheque and hope everything remain this way till we reach retiring age of 60-65 years old. But in reality, this may not be true. Companies are getting employees to retire earlier, to keep cost down. I see this happened to many executives in my working life in a number of MNCs. It is sad to see there are still many executives today running into the same situations and and yet not doing something to prepare themselves for any eventuality such as retrenchments.

One of the solutions for me personally is to be part time entrepreneurs. There are many such solutions and avenue available theses day for part-timers. You can teach part time, join a MLM, or the do the latest stuff called Internet Marketing.
The solution to fear is therefore to take small actions. When you take small actions, you will gain experience and knowledge and abilities. Fear will decrease as a result. It is a viscous cycle.

Take Small Actions.
Experience Gained.
Ability Increased.
Fear Decreased.
Take Small Actions.
and so on. You spiral upwards!

No Action.
Fear Increased.
and so on. You spiral down.

Small actions don't really risk much. But it can propel us to more positive actions.So, let's take some small actions today.

And there is a science of getting rich. There is also the path to least resistance to wealth. Many people has not know their path of least resistance to wealth.

So, taking small actions, can help you develop your confidence and help you understand your life path. By taking small actions, you can see better what you can or cannot do. Some even discover their passions in the process. Why not start some small actions today, you'll be surprise what comes out .
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  Passions and Dream
VC   - ‏14/‏01/‏2014 16:36 
  Passions and Dream
CNN   - ‏14/‏01/‏2014 16:37 
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