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Style Tips And Gift Ideas For Him

The question of what to buy him always arises when birthdays, fathers day, anniversaries or Christmas are approaching.By: Patrick McMurray
Or just wanting something special out of whim and fancy. Suggestions are always helpful, because certain gifts are often forgotten in place of the common offerings.

There are few ways a man can decorate himself without his character being called into question. So give consideration to a few gift ideas that one size fits all.

Selecting need not be a time consuming chore, or something you have to fit in after the supermarket, or dropping off the kids at school, because you can delve into the intricacies of mens fashion accessories. And you will marvel at the choices of colours, patterns and textures available for the modern man.

And they will outstrip any novelty or gadget that trend setters are pushing, not to cast dispersions on this end, but, like the old saying goes; When the novelty wears off

Consider the everlasting appeal of style, rather than passing fashions.

Our research is well grounded on research into supply and demand of popular fashion accessories for men.

So the first suggestion is try to avoid garish novelties, the novelty will wear off and be cast into the heap of other contraptions with dead batteries or irreplaceable transformers.

Lets start from the neck and coordinate downwards.

Keeping a perfect collar structure and holding a well knotted tie in place can be achieved with the introduction of metal, or resin collar stiffeners. There are some real beauties on the market, vibrant enamels, silver, even gold. Tyler and Tyler have a selection with each day of the week lettered and enamelled with a classic vine detail. Colours, purple, pink, brown, and, on black metal are out-standishly noticeable.

They can be coordinated with their cufflinks, in colours exacting to the stiffeners.

Silk ties; the epitome of male self expression, making a statement and coordinating a loose clothing articles into a collective style, which is unique to your own tastes. Some brands stand out from the rest; and unearth a trove of exciting combinations of textile design.

A pocket square neatly folded proportionate to its own space will help frame the upper body and certainly draw attention. It can clash, or compliment, your choice. Polka dots are popular choice along with paisley, but plain is also OK.

A pair of cufflinks close off the collection from the neck to the cuff. And if chosen wisely enough to mirror the colour, pattern and texture of your tie, then youve done very well, and, concluded a difficult learning curve.

From the waist down, thats another story on its own, next time around.

In the meantime navigate mens gift shops.

A concluding suggestion: pendants, not always visible, but worth decoration. And a growing array of styles is available thanks to proactive designers.

Historic anecdote

The I Zingari Cricket Club, founded by a group of Cambridge University students in 1845 is believed to have created the first sporting colours. They designed a flag of black, bright, orange-red, and gold, symbolizing "out of darkness, through fire, into light." Blazers, caps, and ties were eventually created in these colours.
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